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Express Scribe Free Transcription Software for Mac

Free professional audio transcription software designed to easily transcribe audio recordings on Mac.

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  • Comfortable to use
  • Loads of hotkeys and shortcuts to maximize efficiency


  • Speeded up audio can lose quality
  • No formatting available within built-in word processor
  • Program constantly tries to install more software


Free professional audio transcription software designed to easily transcribe audio recordings on Mac.

If you have to transcribe an audio file to a text document, you might think about using your word processor and media player. You'll soon find out, however, that this isn't the best way, and might find yourself wishing for a better option.

Express Scribe is the answer to your prayers. This effective program is specifically designed for professional typists and transcribers, so it has all the options and features that you will need when typing from audio files. The Express Scribe interface includes a word processor, so you can carry out the whole transcription process in a single window. You upload the audio file, press play and start typing.

Express Scribe has lots of extra features that will make the task much simpler. For example, you can program hotkeys for things like pausing, rewinding and speeding up the recording, customize the Express Scribe interface to make it more compatible with your work style, hook up hand and foot control pedals (suitable for people transcribing professionally) and even set the program to sync with a pre-specified folder or FTP, alerting you to any new work. You can also sync Express Scribe with your email, allowing you to send completed jobs or receive new ones.

Express Scribe is a very thorough transcription program that is aimed at the professional, but still accessible by all.

Free audio transcription player for Mac OS X

Express Scribe is a free audio transcription player for typists using Mac OS X. Audio format support includes dct, wav, mp3, aif and many more. You can also dock traditional hand held recorders and transfer the audio as well and importing audio from CD.

This transcription player features variable speed playback, foot pedal control, speech to text engine integration and can automatically load audio files from email, FTP or network.

Express Scribe is great for anyone that needs to convert document formats at business or home.

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